About The City & Patagonia

Puerto Natales is an attractive city, its geographical location situates it around the gulf Almirante Montt, in front of the Señoret Channel and the Seno Ultima Esperanza with an exit to the ocean through the narrow Kirke Pass.

The city was founded on may 31st of 1911 it is the capital of the province of Ultima Esperanza located 247 kms. To the northwest of Punta Arenas. There are 17.275 inhabitants in Puerto Natales but in summer time or high season (from october to april) the number increases over 5 times.

This small city has been transformed into an important touristic centre especially for the connection it has with Torres del Paine National Park, which is 150 kms. From the city, 26 kms. From Milodon Cave, about 270 kms. From Calafate (Argentinian point to visit Perito Moreno Glacier) and near different sceneries where you will be able to go fishing, kayaking, climbing, ice hiking, etc.

The city has important hotels, hostels, lodgings, etc. There’s a variety of restaurants from very low prices to the most delicous and sophisticated local dishes.

You will also find a variety of options to go to the park, regular transportation, private tours, car rentals, etc. Prices don’t vary much from one place to the other but it is always good to be adviced by locals who know good “picadas” ( information). Erratic Rock (number 1, located in Baquedano, between Miraflores and Yungay) holds an information meeting everyday so tourist can organise their trips, rent some gear and meet other people from different hostels. If you are in Punta Arenas, you can take buses almost evry hour starting at 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening, from Calafate (Argentina) there are buses everyday too, from Puerto Montt, there is a boat every 14 days.

Visit Puerto Natales we’ll be waiting to help you have the greatest experience in Patagonia.