About The Hostel

The hostel is located in 732 Benjamin Zamora between Miraflores and Yungay streets, three blocks from Erratic Rock 1, 4 blocks from buses Fernandez, 3 blocks from bus sur and cootra, 8 minute walk from the main plaza. Our hostel has 10 rooms all double with private bathroom. We also have two rooms that share bathroom between them, ideal for a family of 4 or 5 people.

* 8 double rooms.
* Private bathroom.
* Cable television.
* Healthy and abundant homemade breakfast.
* Free coffee all day.
* Guest kitchen.
* Extra snacks if you require them.
* Tourist information and programs.

They are all central heated, have cable tv with 50 channels.

The rooms are all independent and have an emergency exit. Inside the hostel you will find a nice area to sit and read or have a cup of real coffee with the owners. There is free storage service so you don’t have to carry all your belongings while travelling around the city, kitchen is open until 9 in the evening in case you have to heat food or pack some for the next day.

Coffee is free all day as well as tea, internet and don’t forget to look for cupons in the “Black Sheep” (local billingual newspaper)